Matt Skinner standing in front of a valley with a river below.

Hi, I’m Matt Skinner. I like building things and have been since 2012 with Williams Industries, Inc. I also did a stint getting kids excited about building at Osbourn Park High School. Before that I studied Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech. I also get lead the technology team at Community Baptist Church doing a variety of techy things. Structures are my thing, both physical ones (bridges and buildings) and corporate ones (organizational coherence).

I like getting outdoors and seeing unique parts of creation which is the Eagle Scout in me. I’m trying to write more about that on this blog. One of my favorite places to do this is Deer Valley. When I’m inside I like messing with tech and Legos.

More important than any of that though, is that I try to serve Jesus in everything I do. God wants nothing more than for us to have peace and hope in our lives. He gave everything for me to have this so the least I can do is try to repay that. If you need hope or peace, I’d recommend you start here.